Five reasons why you should come to the third anniversary event of Startup Grind BCN

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Hint: One of them is a conference. If you come, you’ll get access to the first batch of tickets & to a really discounted price!

Time flies. It was just three years ago that my friends Carlos Cruz and Alex Gonzalez and I were preparing the first event of Startup Grind in Barcelona.

In less than a couple of weeks, we managed to find 80 attendees who paid for one of the first ever paid startup events in Barcelona (if not the first!), a video team who would record us for free, a photographer, some time to put online a website explaining what Startup Grind is, a venue, tons of free beer and a sponsor for the food. Obviously, having a kickass speaker such as Marc Vicente (CEO of Rakuten Spain, back then) helped a lot.

Even with all of that, the event looked hilariously bootstrapped. This was our stage:

First Startup Grind BCN event Alex, our co-director, photobombing us in the background. Probably playing Candy Crush.

Three years later, and after all sorts of highs and lows (mostly highs, tho!), we’re about to host our Third Anniversary event. In our first anniversary event, we gathered 180 entrepreneurs, to listen to Miguel Vicente (Wallapop) while on the second anniversary, we were 225 people listening to Iñaki Ecenarro (Trovit).

We want you. We need you. So here’s a list of the five main reasons why you shouldn’t miss this event.

  1. We’re announcing a big conference: During Q4, Barcelona will be the home of a Startup Grind conference that will garner serial entrepreneurs & investors alike. If you’re at our event on Thursday, you will be given access to the first batch of tickets for a really discounted price!
  2. Access to VIPs & investors: Not only will we learn from Scott Arpajian, former VP of & CEO at Softonic — raised in Silicon Valley, but we will also host Howard Love, author of The Startup J Curve. Howard, like many other people in the room — like some of our previous speakers — happens to be an investor. Ventura Barba (Director of Sonar), Pere Vallés (CEO @ Scytl), Miquel Martí (CEO @ BCN Tech City), Mar Alarcón (CEO @ SocialCar), Philippe Gelis (CEO @ Kantox) are some of the many names that have confirmed their presence.
  3. If you’re looking for a job, you’re lucky! Softonic and our new sponsor Zinio are hiring! Bring your best pitch and some business cards. If some of your friends need a new job, invite them along!
  4. We’ll be giving away some books written by David Tomàs (La empresa más feliz del mundo) among our attendees & more surprises! Howard Love will also give away 20 books (The Startup J-Curve, ranked #1 for management and #3 for startups on Amazon right now!).
  5. We want to make the biggest Startup Grind Barcelona event EVER. Can we reach 300 people?

But if the points above don’t quite convince you, come to meet our other two sponsors: Across Legal — a law firm specialised in M&A & going to the USA — and Spaces, the newest coworking space coming to town (part of Regus). They’re dying to meet you and help you with their services with special conditions for our community!

Or how about being able to pitch at our (in)famous Open Mic? There are only ten slots available. Get in touch with us and tell us why you should be one of them for a chance to win it!

Or how about because we do it at one of the best & most glamorous venues in town: Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm?

Or how about because we’ll connect with Derek Andersen, our CEO, and ask him and Howard Love questions about how’s life in the Valley? We are indeed bringing the Valley to Barcelona!

Or how about because you simply are part of the best audience ever and you don’t want to miss out your 15th, 20th or even 30th Startup Grind Barcelona event?

Or how about because you’ve never come but you’ve been told that you need to go to the event where we make things happen and you’re eager to meet your new friends?

There are a million other reasons why you should come, but none of them is so important as this one: because we want to see you.

Looking forward to meeting you on Thursday.

This post was originally published on Medium on 2017-04-16: Five reasons why you should come to the third anniversary event of Startup Grind BCN.

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

CEO and Founder at MarsBased and Director at Startup Grind Barcelona. I run a team of 20 people, where I spearhead the sales and strategy areas. My background in consulting and development (ex-Deloitte, ex-VASS) and my international profile help me with the technical and the business perspective. I love loud guitars, cats, travelling and tacos.