Help an entrepreneur today: ask him about how's his business doing

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All that glitters ain't gold. Even less so in the startup scene, where most companies need to hide their miseries because they are told to by their investors or because they're afraid to tell things how they are.

When confronted with the question "how's your company going?", almost everyone answers "good", but few elaborate on that.

You can help your friends by asking something else beyond that easy "how's your company doing?", to help to bring up any potential issues, like "have you got enough paying customers?", "are your financials ok?", "are you meeting your goals?", because in most of the cases, that will trigger a more elaborate and truthful answer.

This will help your fellow buddy to elaborate on the answer, line her thoughts and maybe realise things aren't so great as she thinks.

So, in the end, you're helping a friend.

That's why I'm always asking so many questions about your entrepreneurial adventures or life goals. Because I'd like to be treated the same.

When I speak about MarsBased, I always tell things like they are.

This year hasn't been particularly great: we lost some very important clients. Some had to shut down their companies, while some others opted for a cheaper company because they aren't doing that well and needed to cut down on costs.

Whatever the reason, losing clients sucks. It can kill your company if you're not prepared.

However, we also gained new clients that helped to even out the losses and keep the MarsBased flagship afloat. We're very grateful for those who are staying loyal after over two years, and for the new ones that decided to bet for a young & passionate company that focuses on quality to help their business to thrive.

So there I said it. Go out and ask questions. Defy everything.

Also, don't vote for bloody Trump.

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Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

CEO and Founder at MarsBased and Director at Startup Grind Barcelona. I run a team of 20 people, where I spearhead the sales and strategy areas. My background in consulting and development (ex-Deloitte, ex-VASS) and my international profile help me with the technical and the business perspective. I love loud guitars, cats, travelling and tacos.