A Tragic Day for the Erasmus Family

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Condolences to the ESN UB Family Today I woke to the terrible news of a tragedy that affected one of my closest families. I want to send out my deepest condolences to the affected.

I am deeply afflicted by this traffic accident that hit right where it hurts the most: the young and the innocent. A trip that should be remembered because of its cultural importance and joyful nature will now enter the black pages of our country's history.

I belonged to ESN (short for Erasmus Student Network) for almost five intense years of my life. Almost two years in Munich at TUMi and then three as a founding member of ESN UPF. I remember the day I decided to quit ESN as a turning point in my life. It all started in Munich, it ended in Munich.

At ESN, we made sure all exchange students in our universities could enjoy the best time of their lives during their exchanges. We, more often than not, organised trips, parties and cultural events. I myself helped to organise many trips during my ESN years, although I never took part in the Las Fallas one.

Tragedy followed celebration. Sadly, a whole batch of Erasmus will be scarred for life after this. We all should strive to help them and their families recover from this. ESN, and Erasmus, is not only about partying. It's about everyone bonding together across borders and nations.

We are all a big family: students, coordinators, alumni, partners and collaborators alike. We stand together through thick and thin.

In order to help to ease the pain and clarify the causes of the accident, it's vital that during such events only the official truth be spread.

Read the official ESN statement regarding this tragedy.

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