Where Did All the Google Glass Go?

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Disqus code snippet This is the third year I spend at least a month in San Francisco. I went two years ago for a life-changing experience I wrote about here and here (I never published the third part, and I'm wondering whether it makes sense at all).

People come and go. Changes are all around in such a hectic and change-driven city. New startups blossom while others perish. Trends are different every year, and fashion is something unpredictable if you ask me.

One thing that has really amazed me is the downfall of Google Glass.

Two years ago, one in every ten people would be wearing a Google Glass in San Francisco. At conferences, in the office, in coffee shops and even buying groceries. In fact, I reckon some of my American friends owned one back then.

Last year it was not so common to see them, but they were still around. It was much less frequent to see the iconic Google glasses, but they were still there. Mostly at the office and at conferences, if I recall correctly.

This year they were nowhere to be seen. Not one in five weeks. Extinguished.

Conversely, everyone is wearing an iWatch.

In all truth, I never cared much about the glasses. I was happy when cell phones came around back in the 90s because that allowed me to get rid of my wristwatch. Now, with the iWatch and the smartwatches trend in full effervescence, I can only wish it never settles. I do not cherish to wear a watch again.

I made this reasoning for Google Glass. I don't wear glasses. Glasses are something used by people who need to correct their eyes' imprecisions. Why should I decide to use them on purpose? The whole concept was mind-blogging to me and totally unappealing.

I can only wonder, where did all these glasses go? When Google projects are discontinued they go to a kind of Google Heaven, to meet Orkut, Google Reader, Google Wave and other failed products.

However, this is a hardware project. In whose drawer did all these glasses end?

Did you own the infamous Google Glass glasses? What did you do with them? Tell me how was your experience :)

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