A Good Reason to Buy and Retain Your Domain Name

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A Computer No clickbait here: a 22400% price increase in a year is a good reason to buy a domain.

Yesterday I published this very website, so I set out to give it a cool domain name. The site is built on Github pages, which allow you to host your website plus your own domain for free. All you need to do is buy the domain name.

I remember back in the day I bought the domain name www.alexrb.com (and other endings like .net, .co and the like). However, one year ago, the domain was not automatically renewed because of a failed payment from my side. I never solved the problem, so I lost it.

This is the email receipt I got from GoDaddy in 2013, when I bought them:

Godaddy Email Receipt For 30 bucks, I bought a bunch of cool domain names.

Here's the price for just the dotcom domain today:

Godaddy's outrageous pricing Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me.

1800 bucks for a personal domain? A 22400% increase on the price in just a year? These people clearly know more than I do.

Lesson learnt: the domain sector is like the stock exchange. Buy your domains early and retain them over time, and you'll be a respected fundamentalist. Speculate over someone else's domains' huge price increases and drops and you'll be an infamous trader that can make lots of money in just one day.

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