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Surface of Mars Welcome to my new personal web page!

I am so excited to launch this living and breathing website which will aggregate all my work. It will contain what I do at MarsBased and at Startup Grind, plus other cool stuff I like.

The purpose of this website is to pour my heart out and show who I really am. I usually blog for MarsBased and Startup Grind, where I write about entrepreneurship, business, marketing, blogging, company culture, sales and web development. I also own a Medium account where I syndicate some of my best content and publish brutally honest posts that might not fit neither Startup Grind nor MarsBased, as they contain very personal views.

On this site, I will be able to publish some stuff that's relevant to my persona: what I like, stuff I recommend, my talks and I will try to write very often about non-business stuff. Music? Gaming? Books? Tacos? Who knows.

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